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5 Practical Tips To Make Your Party A Success

5 Practical Tips To Make Your Party A Success

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Pulling together a group of people to enjoy each other’s company isn’t as easy as you think. And yet, some people have managed to become masters at this task. Why are some parties boring while some continue to be talked about even months after the event? If you’re planning to host a party, here are some ideas to make your party a grand success:

Keep guests entertained

Unless you are hosting a cocktail reception, you have to come with ideas to give your guests something to do besides smiling and nodding. Come up with fun game ideas or throw in a pack of cards to keep them involved. Beer pong is a favorite party game. For those who’d love something more challenging, consider Pictionary or Taboo.

Keep the guest list interesting

The guests are a major factor in the success or failure of any party. Some people are good at starting a conversation – make sure you have included them in your list. Include your introverted friend as well – he/she may not be a fan of small talk, but they still like being around friends. You could also mix people with different job disciplines to make the conversation interesting.

Interesting party favors

Don’t forget to thank your guests with interesting yet inexpensive party favors. For example, if you want to add some spice to the dance floor buy LED light up foam sticks. You could also customize these foam sticks with your name or a hashtag. Customized beer glasses, candle holders, bottle openers, mint boxes, and even personalized mason jars are sure to be a favorite.

Not everyone has to know the right start time

Some people are notoriously late while others are punctual and show up at exactly the time you’ve told them. Do not mention the time if you’ve created an event calendar or a Whatsapp group for the party – inform them individually.

With a good playlist, some great food, and interesting friends, you are sure to throw an awesome party!

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